Sailing With Your Kids Is A Priceless Experience

So if you’re anything like me, you want your children to experience many new things with you. For me, they are usually items on my list of things to do before I go to heaven. One experience that was absolutely priceless was sailing on the schooner, Aquidneck.

We sailed through Newport Harbor which is so beautiful. The sailing was first class and we were able to help raise the sails, be part of the sailing or just relax. We were out on the water for nearly 2 hours. The harbor and bay are known to be two of the most beautiful bodies of water in the world and are said to provide some of the best sailing conditions in the United States.

During the cruise, we saw spectacular estates, and a jaw-dropping rocky shoreline. The colonial town sets as a backdrop and is just stunning also.

There was also a lot of history being told. You’ll learned about the Navy and the missiles used in WWII.  You’ll see JFKs summer home, lighthouses, famous yachts and maybe see some sailing races. There is also Fort Adams which is one of the largest forts on the East Coast.  The crew was so knowledgeable, we all learned so much.

The Aquidnceck schooner named after the island, is about 80 feet long and  a very smooth ride. None of us got seasick which was a total relief. There are comfortable benches and plenty of places for everyone to relax.  We didn’t feel cramped at all. My recommendation is to sail this schooner in Newport! It’s so much fun for everyone of all ages and is truly an amazing experience to share with you children!

Written by: Stephanie