Have you heard it yet…”I’M B-O-R-E-D!”
I find it hard to believe with all the activities Newport County has to offer that the kids will ever say this but guess what…it’s coming!!!  Inevitably there will be a day at home when you have nothing planned and “no one is around”…guess what…”I’m bored!’  After all the anticipation for the end of the school year, the kids actually miss the structure and their friends.  There are many great ways to beat the summer blues…


Sorting through family photos – is a great activity for a rainy day. The kids love seeing pictures of themselves when they were younger and are often interested in seeing younger versions of family members. If possible, get a blank picture album for them to fill with pictures. 

Create a Scavenger/Treasure Hunt – Your child can do this activity alone, with a friend or in teams.  Make a list of items to find in the house or outdoors.  Have them see how many and how long it takes to find them. If you are more ambitious write and hide clues that will lead your kids throughout the yard or house or for older kids through the neighborhood and to local places of interest.  Give them the first clue let them figure out where to go.  You can spread the clues out over the summer or have them complete the hunt in a day. In the end, have a “treasure” of prizes available as a reward for their accomplishments.  This is my son’s favorite!

Host a mini-Olympics – Get the kids competing in running and wheelbarrow races, obstacle courses, water balloon tosses and jumping competitions.  Finish off the fun with a mini-Olympic awards ceremony to honor all of the athletes. Buy medals at the local dollar store or make your own with construction paper, colored pencils and string.

Start a Puzzle
 – Pick out a large challenging puzzle and put it in an out of the way place. Encourage the kids to slowly add and complete the puzzle throughout the summer. This is a great one to have on hand when they say “I’m bored”.

Aquidneck MomsTown Favorite…
 Create a “Boredom Box or Jar” – let them decorate it and help your kids make a list of activities, games, challenges, and crafts that need little or no explanation. add some unexpected activities to the bottle when the kids are not looking.  When you hear the words “I’m bored”  pull out the bottle and have them shake out an idea!!  The rule is they have to complete the activity for at least 15 minutes.  

Create Theme Boxes   A variation of the boredom box but the decoration should reflect the theme. Some examples include a “Living Room Campout” box which could contain a flashlight, ingredients for s’mores, a book of scary stories, and more!
Finally…remember to spread your planned activities evenly through the summer before you know it the kids will be back in school!