Should You Send Your Child To Summer Camp

A traditional kids summer camp is one that typically starts in June and proceeds through August. This sort of entertainment is a popular activity among children of all ages as it gives them the chance to experience brand-new things, meet brand-new individuals and embark on a trip of self-reliance. With that being stated, the adhering to are 5 preferred needs to enlist your kid in a standard summer camp.

Freedom. During their experience at a standard children’s summer camp, kids will experience their very first taste of freedom. Being far from home for the very first time can be scary, but new buddies and enjoyable tasks will assist in making the transition simpler. This will also be a vital step towards college preparation, which frequently means that the kid leaves home for months at a time.

Responsibility. A traditional summer camp will certainly show children to be liable in a selection of methods, including the company of their personal things. While away, they will be directly responsible for preserving their living quarters as well as personal products. Additionally, they will be required to pack their personal belongings at the end of their stay and will need to find out the responsibility of arranging their things for the trip home.

Teamwork. One of the most important encounters at a standard summer camp is that of learning how to collaborate as a group. Whether it be during a sporting activities event, a canoeing journey or other team task, team effort is frequently required. Much like in the adult years where synergy is necessary to daily life, youngsters will find out the useful lessons of collaborating with their peers toward attaining a common objective.

Relationship. While at a traditional kids summer camp, brand-new pals will be made and there is plenty of fun to be had. Learning how to make close friends as well as how you can be a good friend is an essential life lesson that is not just important at a conventional summer camp, however also in everyday. Circumstances are constantly provided when people are positioned with brand-new faces in school, the labor force, families, etc. For that reason, it is very important for youngsters to find out the worth of friendship and how it can make every day a little more vibrant.

Experiences. Traveling to brand-new places, embarking on an interesting trip as well as checking out the wilderness are all a component of exactly what makes a typical summer camp so unique. A nature trek, cruising on a covering of calm water or sitting around the campfire with pals are merely a few of the encounters that a youngster could run into while enlisted in a conventional summer camp.

Learning With Your Children

The world of parenting is fascinating and new. Every day you have the chance to learn and uncover new things. Why is this vital?

As high as your children will expand throughout there lifetime, you expand too. You have the opportunity to learn right along with your youngsters!

LYou could learn how to re-discover the secret and individuality of the world at large. As your youngsters uncover the pleasure of rain drops for the first time, you too have the opportunity to re-discover your sense of wonder and joy of a world not fully discovered.

Why is it crucial that you learn and uncover new points? There are many reasons you need to continue learning and discovering.

Your Children Will Gain from You– The initial person kids pick up from is their mom and dad. When you take an energetic interest in discovering and learning, your youngsters will as well. You need to lead by example. As a parent you have a task to motivate your kids as well as urge them to check out the globe they live in. The best method to do that is to regularly look for new learning experiences yourself.

Consistent Understanding and Discovery Activities Help with Bonding– With culture continuously going at a quicker and quicker pace it is difficult to discover time to bond with your kids. Nonetheless if you take the time to actively participate in discovering and learning, and share those experiences with your children, you’ll help harden the bond that began when you gave birth.

Discovering Helps Sharpen Your Skills– No one is born a parenting expert. Practice makes you better. With time the more you gain from others, the much better a parent you will certainly become. You should take the time to find out as much as you can as you go along. This will assist you to develop your skills and enable you to be the best parent you could be.

The world will present you with continual opportunities for discovering. As a fellow parent I strongly motivate you to capitalize on each one that comes your way.

Keep in mind in your mission for expertise you will certainly not just become a much better parent, however you’ll additionally inspire your children and instruct them to like discovering new things!

You must additionally keep in mind that learning can be found in lots of ways. Don’t get bogged down by a closed mind. Bear in mind to keep an open mind and think about every brand-new encounter as a discovering experience.

You’ll discover your life is much richer as a result of your initiatives, and  parenting a lot more gratifying when you put in the time to discover and learn by yourself and also with your youngsters.

Learning is fun. Just by reviewing this letter you are encouraging your all-natural understanding and discovery capability.

Re-discover the child in you, and begin your journey of day-to-day discovery and understanding!

Your life as well as the lives of your kids will be much richer and more rewarding for all your understanding initiatives!

Parenting Tips – When Your Kids are on Vacation and You’re Not

Would you like parenting tips when your kids are on vacation and you’re not?  Inside you’ll find some fun ideas to bond with your kids and build character too. A few days ago I received a phone call from a child I didn’t know. “Mom, can I go out and play?”  The child sounded about 8 or 9. “You have the wrong number.” I answered.

That call made me think of all the moms who work outside the home.  Having been a working mom, vacations were always a concern to me.  Was the teenage babysitter who was watching my boys playing with them or watching TV?

I had to fire one because that’s just what he did.  Another babysitter left a pot of burning beans on the stove.  On the days I was free, I had so much work to do at home.  “What’s a mother to do,” I wondered?

5 Parenting Tips When Your Children Are on Vacation and You’re Not

I know you know you know these things:

Your kids are a gift.
They need your time and your love.
You are very busy.

Sometimes it’s hard to think of fun things to do with kids when your mind is distracted with work, bills, and chores.  Here are some easy things to do that will strengthen your bond, use your kid-time well, and have fun with them too.

  • Exercise together.
    Play outdoor games.  Baseball, hide ‘n seek, catch, jump rope, and tag are easy to do, create excitement, and cause laughter.
  • Fix an easy lunch or dinner.
    Call it a picnic, spread a blanket, and eat it outside together. Being in nature
    on a sunny day with someone you love creates warm feelings, simple conversation, and wonderful memories.
  • Put on your swim suits and play water balloons together.
    Enjoy running, getting wet, and the feelings of excitement and joy.
  • Go on a nature walk.
    Find little animal holes, collect unusual rocks or leaves, climb trees with sturdy branches.  Sit and listen. Feel the sense of peace that only nature can offer.
  • Don’t spend money. Do spend time.
    You can’t recover missed fun from the past. Pick berries for dessert. You
    can create fun times today.

Parenting Tips Conclusion 

Fun times build character.  Fun times bond your children more deeply with you and your values.  Fun times build the beautiful memories of tomorrow.  Don’t let your child say, “Mom never has time for me.  She’s always too busy.”  You can find the time. I know you can.

by: Jean Tracy, MSS

Sailing With Your Kids Is A Priceless Experience

So if you’re anything like me, you want your children to experience many new things with you. For me, they are usually items on my list of things to do before I go to heaven. One experience that was absolutely priceless was sailing on the schooner, Aquidneck.

We sailed through Newport Harbor which is so beautiful. The sailing was first class and we were able to help raise the sails, be part of the sailing or just relax. We were out on the water for nearly 2 hours. The harbor and bay are known to be two of the most beautiful bodies of water in the world and are said to provide some of the best sailing conditions in the United States.

During the cruise, we saw spectacular estates, and a jaw-dropping rocky shoreline. The colonial town sets as a backdrop and is just stunning also.

There was also a lot of history being told. You’ll learned about the Navy and the missiles used in WWII.  You’ll see JFKs summer home, lighthouses, famous yachts and maybe see some sailing races. There is also Fort Adams which is one of the largest forts on the East Coast.  The crew was so knowledgeable, we all learned so much.

The Aquidnceck schooner named after the island, is about 80 feet long and  a very smooth ride. None of us got seasick which was a total relief. There are comfortable benches and plenty of places for everyone to relax.  We didn’t feel cramped at all. My recommendation is to sail this schooner in Newport! It’s so much fun for everyone of all ages and is truly an amazing experience to share with you children!

Written by: Stephanie

5 Time-Killing Habits all Moms Want to Avoid

miami limo service1. Skipping breakfast. You wouldn’t send your kids off to school with an empty tank. Why would you start your day without any energy? We know you’re on the run trying to get everyone out the door in the morning but smoothies, protein bars, yogurt, fruit, a whole-grain waffle all are easy options and will keep you going.

2. Thinking you have no time. If you think it, you’re right. If you keep telling yourself you don’t have enough time in the day you’ll never have it. Change the way you talk to yourself about time and you’ll find time will start working in your favor.

3. Surfing the Internet. If you work at the computer or find yourself at the computer for hours in a day, be sure to take a break every 10 to 15 minutes. A little break will help break that online trance.

4. Starting the day without a plan. Write down your daily goals the night before. Waking up with a clear idea of what needs to happen in the day will help you get more accomplished.

5. Grocery shopping and running errands without a list. Writing lists and keeping them with you will help you save time and money

by Heather Reider

10 Things I’d Love To Tell My Younger Self

I’ve learned some valuable things about life, love, and being female over the past half-century. Here is the advice I try to pass on to younger women in my life (family and friends) in the hope that it will save them some precious time:

1. You are at least 10 times prettier than you think you are.
That holds true no matter how pretty you already think you are! Don’t believe me? Ask your mother, auntie or grannie if she thought she was pretty when she was 20. She’ll say no. Then find a photo of her at that age. See what I mean?

2. The only thing you should be faking is confidence.
If you don’t have it yet, pretend you do. In every new situation, pretend you’re not nervous, pretend you’re not afraid. After a few times doing this, the pretend part disappears.

3. Want to try something new like painting, skiing, running your own business? Go to the library and borrow 10 different books on the subject.
Skim through them all, find the ones that have the most vital information and study them. Then see number two.

4. No matter how old you get, remember what it was like to be a nine-year old girl.
Remember the feeling of freedom. If you’ve already forgotten, do a cartwheel. You can so still do one. Savor that feeling. Wake up with it every day. You’ll stay young until the day you die.

5. In the same vein, flowers — freshly cut or potted — are never a waste of money.
Because every time we glance at them, they remind us how much beauty there can be in the world.

6. Speaking of money, starting right this moment, whether you’re 20 or 60, you can change your finances around.
Don’t leave someone else completely in charge, whether it’s your husband, partner, parents, or banker. Become financially savvy. Financial independence gives you the freedom to walk away from many bad situations. How do you know you’re in bad situation? See number seven.

7. If your stomach hurts and you haven’t got a virus, you’re in a bad situation.
Before you know what it is, your stomach always does. Give yourself some time to ponder what it might be that’s making your stomach hurt. Chances are you already do know, you just don’t want to believe it, for some reason. You can ignore advice from your friends, even your own brain, but you can’t ignore your stomach, because the stomach never lies. Oh, and by the way—drowning your stomach in alcohol won’t make it stop telling you the truth, either.

8. When meeting someone new and he or she seems to be behaving like a jerk, show compassion first.
If after you display your sincere compassion they are still acting like a jerk, walk away. If they follow you, call the police.

9. Wear sunscreen on your face, neck, and hands every day — winter and summer.
I don’t care how dark your skin is naturally. Wear it. You’ll remember me when you look in the mirror at age 50. Always keep in mind that your body is directly connected to your spirit. Look after your body. Exercise, floss and brush your teeth. Put nothing in your body that can permanently harm your spirit, including the wrong man.

10. And if you are in bed with a man, and he’s the right man:
… meaning your stomach doesn’t hurt, he’s smiling at you, he knows your name, he’s not drunk, and neither are you—for godsakes—enjoy yourself. He is not at all thinking about how fat your thighs look.

By Patricia Volonakis Davis of Harlots’ Sauce
Originally published on VibrantNation

Super Mom

It’s hard to resist the urge to be a “Supermom” sometimes. As mothers, we want to be everything for our kids, because they are everything for us. This becomes more difficult when you are a working mom. There are many positive aspects of having a career as a mom, like the healthcare options and of course the income. But it can be incredibly difficult and hard to cope with at times.


I think each one of us, at least at some point in time, has dreamed about being a stay-at-home mom, and spending each moment of each day watching our kids laugh, admiring their smile, sharing moments and memories, and being there to comfort them when they cry. But for those of us who are playing the juggling game of a career AND a family, things become slightly more complicated.

My own personal rule for being a working mom: I am doing this FOR them. This is my mantra that I have to tell myself over and over when I am at my office wondering what my kids are up to. I am working hard to set an example for them, and show them that it is important to do things for yourself and for the ones you love the most. I tell my kids all the time, as I’m sure you all do as well, that they can do anything they set their minds to. I just have a harder time believing this as it relates to me and my career. But take a deep breath, Moms. You really CAN do anything you set your mind to.

Another idea to keep in mind: quality vs. quantity. Let me explain. I work 40 hours a week, 8:00am to 5:00pm. I am able to spend the evenings and weekends with my kids, along with vacation when I’m able to fit that in. So I am a big advocate for quality vs. quantity time when it comes to my kids. I may not be able to spend the amount of time I would like to at home, but I make sure that I am fully present when I am able to be with them. This means turning off my phone, avoiding distractions, and just enjoying the time I am able to spend with them. This makes everything even more special and creates more memories with them.

A big bottom line for those of us who are always trying to perfect the work-life balance: compromises will need to be made – and that is okay. Schedules can be so tricky, between school functions, games, concerts, and even dinner and bath times in the evenings. It will take some time for you and your family to figure out what works best for you. When you do, the flow of life is much simpler. Each family and each situation is different. Don’t try to compare yourselves to others, or let anyone else try to tell you how you should be doing things. You have to do what is best for YOU and for YOUR family.

You are setting a powerful example for your children. Never forget that. And make sure you take that time to silence your phone, put away the distractions, and have that much-needed quality time with your family.

Renting A Limo is Cool

Maybe it’s been awhile since you rented or rode in a limousine or party bus, but it’s “cool thing to do” if the need for one arises.

Party Buses nowadays are way cooler than they were even a few years back. There are so many types of party buses to choose from and many more amenities and packages.

There are a ton of reasons to rent a party bus. You may need rides for more than a couple people. Party Buses are great for hauling around a lot of people for:

  • Rides to or from the airport with lots of luggage in tow.
  • Birthday parties
  • Bachelor or bachelorette parties
  • Sporting events
  • Corporate meetings
  • Proms

And of course party buses are a great time for your entire wedding party.  Some people even hire a party bus to celebrate their divorce. As they say, “To each his own.”.

The benefit to hiring a Party Bus Service is the convenience of getting driven around town with your friends or family without having to drive, or worrying about parking, or not being able to have a few drinks.

Party Buses have fun perks such as strobe, disco, and fog machines, flat screen televisions, karaoke machines, PlayStations, and Bluetooth and docking stations for music.

Party Buses now come in all styles. Some companies have specialty colors and crazy options like poles for dancing.

When you start looking for a company to book through check their ratings with the Better Business Bureau to make sure there aren’t a lot of complaints against the company. Make sure they are fully licensed and insured, its protection for yourself and your guests.

When getting a price quote from a company make sure you know what else you will be charged for, you don’t want any surprises in the end. There may be extra fees for gas, tolls, the bottle of champagne you all guzzled down, and anything else that may come up.

Companies typically charge by the hour and on the weekends there may be a minimum number of hours you have to book for. Weekdays tend to be cheaper than weekends, so that ride to the airport may not be as expensive as you think.

Most limo companies offer different packages for different occasions and they will vary by the city you are in.

You can get great VIP tickets to the best clubs or restaurants, get drinks included in your party bus ride, and practically anything else you can think of.

Party Bus companies will work with you to make your experience with them amazing, so give them as many details as possible for your needs and let them help you plan a great evening or event.

If you are traveling to a city you have never been to the drivers typically will know the best and hottest spots to take you to. Often times they will know the owners of the clubs and restaurants that are impossible to get into and you won’t have to worry about getting in.

My husband won a vacation package to Miami recently, so we decided to take the whole family. We rented a limo in Maimi to go sightseeing. the day. Our driver was so fun and knew exactly where to take us since it was our first time in Miami. Wow was that fun. Definitely a time that will be talked about and remembered for years to come.